Highland Games Events: From Caber Toss to Stone Put

The Highland Games is a traditional Scottish sporting event that originated in the 11th century. This event showcases various athletic contests that test the strength, skill, and endurance of the participants. From the iconic Caber Toss to the Stone Put, these events have become popular worldwide and continue to fascinate audiences with their raw power and athleticism.

The Caber Toss

The Caber Toss is undoubtedly the most iconic event in the Highland Games. In this event, competitors, known as “tossers,” attempt to lift and toss a large wooden pole called a caber. The goal is to flip the caber so that it lands in a perfect 12 o’clock position, with the narrow end pointing away from the thrower. It requires a combination of strength, balance, and timing to execute a successful toss. The distance and accuracy of the throw are crucial factors in determining the winner.

The Stone Put

The Stone Put is another staple event in the Highland Games. Similar to shot put, competitors aim to throw a large stone weighing between 16 and 26 pounds as far as possible. Unlike shot put, however, participants are not allowed to use a run-up, making it a true test of pure strength and technique. The stone put requires competitors to generate explosive power from a standing position, using their entire body to propel the stone forward. The farthest throw wins the event.

The Hammer Throw

The Hammer Throw is a thrilling event that tests the strength and coordination of the competitors. Participants use a long handle with a metal ball attached to the end, known as the hammer. The goal is to swing the hammer around in a circle and release it at the perfect moment for maximum distance. The technique involved in the hammer throw is intricate, requiring precise timing and excellent control. This event showcases the extraordinary power and skill of the athletes involved.

The Weight Throw

The Weight Throw event involves tossing a weight attached to a handle as far as possible. Competitors have two variations to choose from: the weight for distance or the weight over the bar. In the weight for distance, athletes aim to throw the weighted object as far as they can, similar to the shot put. In the weight over the bar, participants attempt to throw the weight over a bar set at increasing heights. Both variations require strength, technique, and explosiveness to succeed.


While not strictly an individual event, Tug-of-War is a popular team competition at the Highland Games. In this event, two teams compete against each other in a classic game of strength and teamwork. The aim is to pull the opposing team across a marked line by exerting maximum force on the rope. Tug-of-War requires a coordinated effort from the team members, with strategy, technique, and sheer strength playing vital roles in determining the outcome of the competition.


The Highland Games events, from Caber Toss to Stone Put, offer a unique and captivating display of strength, skill, and tradition. These athletic contests represent the essence of Scottish heritage and have gained global popularity for their raw power and athleticism. Whether it be the awe-inspiring Caber Toss or the fierce competition of Tug-of-War, the Highland Games events continue to excite both participants and spectators alike. If you ever get the chance to witness these extraordinary displays of strength, do not miss the opportunity to be part of this timeless Scottish tradition.